For the first time in its one hundred and sixty year history, Lansing Township is working to develop an extensive downtown commercial center at Lake Lansing Road at US 127. The Tax Increment Finance Plan and Downtown Development Plan include policies and public investment strategies designed to create an attractive and functional urban environment for the Lake Lansing Road & Wood Road Corridor.

Over the years, this corridor has evolved into a major thoroughfare connecting Meridian Township, East Lansing, Lansing Township, and the City of Lansing. In response to increasing development, the township board of trustees implemented a planned unit development (PUD) ordinance to facilitate extensive mixed-use development, Eastwood, on a 196-acre site at Lake Lansing Road and US 127. The PUD is intended to foster a lively, walkable town center. For the 28,000 residents living within a mile of the site, Eastwoodalready offers an extensive variety of restaurants and cafesretailers, professional offices, and an 18-screen theater. In the future, residents will also benefit from carefully planned open space, sidewalks and landscaping, benches, bus shelters, and other streetscape enhancements.

As the District continues to develop additional entertainment venues, retail and office locations, and new hotels, it will become a regional center for work, shopping, recreation, and hospitality serving not only local residents and businesses, but attracting visitors from throughout the Tri-County region and beyond.

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